Manufacturer Rep Agency for your Electrical SLD

Generators, Load Banks, CHP, BESS, Substations/Switchgear, MCCs, VFDs, Active Harmonic Filters and Ground Fault Protection

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  • SmartD Clean Power VFD
  • SmartD VFD Wiring Diagram Example
  • Outdoor Rated Generator from AB Gensets
  • Open Skid Generator from AB Gensets
  • Mobile Generator from AB Gensets
  • 1LH Irrigation Pump VFD from Phase Technologies
  • 3LH Low Harmonic Pump Controlling VFD
  • Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converter
  • Mobile BESS from TROES
  • TROES EV Charging Battery Storage Solution
  • Ground Fault Prediction and Protection from BENDER
  • HRG Packages from BENDER Canada


We are the exclusive Western Canada's Manufacturer Rep Agent for AB Gensets. AB Gensets have been building Quality  Diesel, Natural Gas and Propane Generators for over 30 years and use top brand of engines, such as Perkins (CATERPILLAR brand), John Deere, Volvo, Yanmar, Kubota, FPT, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Wakeshaw, MAN, Newage/Marathon, PSI, GM. More information at 

Over 30+ years of manufacturing experience in Canada
Diesel, Natural Gas and Propane
Interested in Becoming a Dealer for AB Gensets? Email us. 

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

TROES Battery Storage Systems, a leading Canadian Battery Energy Storage and Microgrid Control technology firm serving Renewable and Microgrid solutions in the Commercial, Industrial and Institutional market segment.
DCI Agencies represents TROES in Canada and the USA, offering its customers state-of-the-art battery energy storage systems that use safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate technology, patented intellectual property, and proprietary hardware and software.  More information at  

Systems are Modular and Scalable from 30kWh to 100MWh+
Peak Shaving, Microgrids, EV Charging, Demand Response, Renewable Integration & Backup Power Applications
Operating Temperatures from -60deg C to +45degC Solutions for the Canadian Extreme Temperatures Market

Variable Frequency Drives 

We are the Canadian Rep Agent for Phase Technologies. The first and only IEEE519 compliant Pump Controlling VFD for 240V and 480V for both 1ph and 3ph systems. Phase Technologies also manufactures a range of VFDs, Reactors, dv/dt Filters, Sine Wave Filters as well as Digital Phase Converters. More information at 

IEEE519 Harmonics Compliant VFD for both 1ph and 3ph applications
Voltage Doubling from 240V 1 ph in to 480V 3ph out. Optional Pivot output.
Digital Phase Converters, Reactors, Dv/dt Filters, Sine Wave Filters

Ground Fault Protection & Prediction

Predict Ground Faults BEFORE they occur and SHUT DOWN your electrical equipment. Protect your electrical equipment with state of the art Ground Fault Protection from Bender North America - Leader in ground-fault monitoring & detection (

AC/DC Ground Fault Protection and Insulation Monitoring
Predict Failures Before they Occur
Solidly Grounded, High Resistance Grounded and Ungrounded Systems

SmartD Clean Power VFDs

Clean Power Variable Frequency Drive with Active Front End (AFE) is a compact AC drive utilizing SmartDā€™s patented own algorithms combined with SiC MOSFET technology. Producing a clean and pure sine wave has never been easier. A Clean Power Variable Frequency Drive has essential features built-in for space, wiring and time savings, it eliminates the need for filters on the output, and guarantees longer motor lifetime.
Discover the drive without drawbacks... Learn more here
Ultra Low Harmonics Active Front End 
Pure Sine Wave 3 Phase Output
50% Installation Space vs Regular VFDs